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Resources for special needs kids

We did a case study for a local therapy group for children called Children’s Therapy Inc.  They offer a multitude of great services like physical, occupational, speech and language therapy and many more.  If you or someone you know has a child in need of these services, please visit:


Apply to the Entrepreneurship Scholars program at UMKC

Learn more here.  Apply here by December 1.  Open to the public!

Here are some of comments I made about the program for a news article:

I would highly recommend this program.  It really is a chance of a lifetime that is too good to pass up.  It takes some entrepreneurs 5-10 years to learn a lot of what we packed into a few months.  Many entrepreneurs have what it takes, but have 3-4 failures before figuring it out.  This gives you the skills needed to have a much higher chance at success.

Overall, I enjoyed it immensely.  The level of faculty and mentors available as a resource is absolutely unheard of.  It takes years to make the quality connections for business and for mentoring that were available through the e-scholars program.  Having access to seasoned entrepreneurs and business people is an invaluable resource and UMKC had an incredible lineup.  Not only that, we each had multiple mentors that we had access to on a regular basis.  You cannot pay to have this kind of resource, especially as a start-up.

Given the excellent faculty, we really had some intense Friday and Saturday sessions loaded with valuable content.  Then you could attend specific workshops to really hone in different building blocks of the start-up.  This was really valuable as well.  You need a good balance between curriculum and application and this program has a wonderful mix that leave you with a ton of practical experience in planning for a start-up.

The networking aspect was also a lot of fun and invaluable to a start-up.  Any entrepreneur will tell you that it’s not always about your product, but being able to connect the right people together to make something happen.  In a room full of aspiring entrepreneurs and mentors, there is no lack of networking opportunities which is a big advantage in getting a business off the ground.

Snow & Co open for business

FYI, the entrepreneurs that started Snow & Co are now in business.  Let me know what you think of the place.  Also, here is an article on them.

Kansas City named #2 for young entrepreneurs

Congrats KC!  I know I have taken advantage of the great resources in KC for some time now, but this is quite an honor.  Check out Kansas City’s #2 ranking here:

With the Kauffman Foundation and UMKC’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, who can argue!

Here are my top 5 resources in KC that I have had the privilege of participating in:

  1. UMKC’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation–Nationally ranked school with many world-class educational programs geared toward entrepreneurs.  Priceless experience when it comes to networking as they have 100+ mentors available to help guide you along.
  2. Kauffman Foundation–The FastTrac course was one of the best “bang for your buck” courses I’ve participated in.  It was a 10 week crash course with close one on one mentoring and instruction on how to launch your business.
  3. Inventor’s Club of Kansas City–Another great networking event with monthly seminars on everything from patents, to marketing, to PR.  I get something out of their meetings every time I go.
  4. Enterprise Center of Johnson County–Another great resource for inexpensive workshops and great networking.  Great group to work with and can help you get prepared when it comes to things like pitching to angel investors.
  5. Think Big Kansas City & Biz Perc–For one, I love the blog they put out.  Great way to keep informed.  They also put in a big yearly conference for Kansas City entrepreneurs.  On the Biz Perc side, they have an inexpensive incubator and business center if you’re just looking to meet clients in a professional place or just need an office as little as 1 time a week.  They also put on seminars and workshops here in addition to the big yearly conference.

Snow & Co.

Help support a fellow UMKC entrepreneur.  They are starting a frozen drink bar in the crossroads district.  Looks kinda cool, but they haven’t opened yet.  I’ll let you know my real vote after I’ve been there.

Intro to Hoyboy’s blog

Hello everyone. I’m starting a small blog as part of a marketing class and I figured this would be a good way to provide updates on Hoyboy LLC and the progress of Shoot-A-Brew. More importantly, I’ve been learning a ton throughout this adventure and thought this would be a good way to share some of my experiences, resources, and other tips or tricks I’m learning along the way. Now I am certainly no expert in the start-up arena, but as any entrepreneur knows, you’ll take helpful information anywhere you can get it, so if anything I share in a blog helps someone along the way, then it’s all worth it.